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Sedan Service

At Clark's Premier Limousine, we value your satisfaction above all else, and we understand that your transportation needs and preferences are unique. That's why our chauffeur services are as flexible as they are convenient.

Whether you need to transport your employees to area meetings, venues, conference centers, or airports, our team has got you covered.  We pledge to show up on time to every scheduled appointment and go out of our way to keep our vehicles clean, comfortable, and well-maintained.

Special Event Transportation

Special Event 


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Wedding Limousine

At Clark's Premier Limousine, we understand how important it is for you to arrive at your wedding or special event on time and in style. Our clean, comfortable limousines are designed to provide the classy transportation experience you deserve on your big day. Looking for special amenities? We'll be happy to accommodate. Every member of our team is dedicated to making your special day all the more special and spectacular; and our courteous drivers go out of their way to provide the service you deserve.

Find Out Why Clark’s Premier Limousine is the Best in South Hampton, PA

Do you have a big date coming up? Perhaps you're hosting a corporate event or your wedding is just around the corner. Why drive to those destinations in your typical car when you can completely upscale the experience with chauffeur service? Clark's Premier Limousine is an upscale chauffeur service that offers premier transport at an affordable cost including SUV and sedan limousines. Here's what you need to know about us and some of the limo services that we provide.

Need A Limo Rental For Prom Or A Wedding in Southampton, PA?

Clark's Premier Limousine started in 2015, but its roots really began eight years before then. John Clark, the founder of Clark's Premier Limousine, began honing his skills as a chauffeur in 2007. During that time, he witnessed what made customers love using a transportation company and what faults they had with the service.

Through that knowledge, he began to develop his own company. At the very heart of our service is a passion for providing high-quality customer care. When you book limo rentals, you expect to be treated like an A-list celebrity. That's the very base of our foundation for customer service.

When you use our affordable sedan and SUV limo rentals in Southampton, PA, you can expect the best.

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Reliable & Affordable Limos

Are you unsure if you can use our transportation company for certain events? More likely than not, our limo rentals can get you where you need to go--and in style. Here are some of the limo services in Bucks County, PA and Southampton, PA that you can expect.

Airport Limo Transportation

One of the services that our Southampton, PA based limo company provides is airport limo transportation. You owe it to yourself to make using an airport as special and comfortable as possible. That comfort should begin by hiring our affordable airport limo transportation.

What better way to impress a potential partner or investor than by using our corporate transportation service to pick them up at the airport? You can show them how much they mean to you by ensuring they are only transported in the very best of luxury.

There are many benefits to hiring a limo service for airport transportation. Some examples are not having to park your car there or worrying about arriving at the airport on time.

Wedding Limo Service

When you need a Philadelphia limousine service for your wedding, you should consider us. Our Southampton, PA limo rentals are second to none for weddings. We understand how important a wedding is for you.

You should never arrive at your wedding in anything but high-class style. Our wedding limo service can make that possible. Whether you bring your entire bridal party or it's just you and your family, our wedding limo service will make sure that you arrive at the church--or another wedding venue--on time.

You owe it to yourself to use a wedding limo service that puts your needs ahead of anything else. Start your wedding off on the right foot by using our limo rentals in Southampton, PA.

Corporate Events

Are you hosting a corporate event where many influential individuals will be attending? One of the classiest actions you can take is to hire corporate transportation for each one. No matter how large the gathering, our expert team of chauffeurs can bring your guests to the event with style.

Trust In Our Limo Service

Whether you need corporate transportation or something casual, our Southampton, PA limo team is ready to serve. Limos remain a car of luxury and class. Hire your sedan or SUV limo today and travel in style.

The Best Limo Rentals in Southampton, PA

Whether you have a wedding coming up, a prom, or any other special event, you could benefit from using a limo. Who wants to show up to the most important event of their life in a regular car? You deserve something better. At Clark's Limousine, we specialize in providing high-quality service with our limo rentals. Here's what you need to know about our limo service in Southampton, PA.

Why You Should Choose Our Limo Service in Southampton, PA

There may be several places to rent out a limo, but you don't always get incredible service. Luxurious chauffeur service is exactly what we provide. Our limo service covers several different needs.


One of the most popular clients we transport are brides and grooms. Our wedding limo service can extend to wedding guests as well. If you need our wedding limo service to stop off at a hotel to pick up the guests, then you can count on us to be there on time. Your guests will be wowed when they sit back and relax in our clean and comfortable limo.


Another popular reason for our limo rentals in Southampton, PA is the prom. The prom is a special night for teenagers. Why not send them off to the memorable moment in style? Our limo service will safely drive your child to and from prom with all of their friends.


We also help corporate executives to and from the airport. If you want to make an impression on your guests at your corporate event, then using our limo is a great way to make that impression. We'll make sure they're treated like the executives they are. If you need to run to the airport, then our limousine in Southampton PA can get you there on time.


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Anyone can just drive to the airport, prom, wedding, or bachelorette party. To make those moments truly become special, you should schedule an appointment for one of our chauffeurs and limousines today. Experience what luxurious transportation is all about.